Saramas Comfort Solution Ltd.

Heating & Air-Conditioning Contractors

our Services

  • Air vent installation

  • Furnace conversions

  • Furnace humidifier installation

  • Natural gas fireplace installation

  • Duct work

  • Ventilation equipment installation

  • Heating and ventilation system component

Who are we?

Saramas Comfort Solution Ltd. is a Heating & Air-Conditioning Contractors in Canada. We install heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning equipment including new installations, additions, alterations, maintenance and repairs.
We also offer Air-conditioning system installation, Air vent installation, Furnace conversions (i.e. from one fuel to another), Furnace humidifier installation, Natural gas fireplace installation, Duct work (e.g. cooling, dust collection, exhaust, heating and ventilation) installation, Ventilation equipment installation, Heating and ventilation system component (e.g. air registers, diffusers and filters) installation.
Abdolreza Kazemi

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